ChemAzTech is an OpenSource (GPL licence) Web chemistry software connected to a MySQL database (L.A.M.P. software) which is storing molecules. You can manage a chemical laboratory database, with product's properties.
You can draw, edit molecules and interact with common chemical softwares.

This software is based on some other free softwares :

MySQL + PHP (+ a little bit of Python) complete and coordinate all these things.


MyChem + JChemPaint applet allow to the user to search by substructures or similarities.

In fact, you can do a lot of things from managing users and groups to product properties. You can import all a database in a SDF file or you can import a single molecule in CDX, or MOL file. You can also import PNG file if you do not have the original MOL file.
For the export, you have the choice between CSV extract + PNG for structures and PDF for a product card. Administrator can export all the database in SDF format.

JMol permit to have a 3D view of a molecule.

This software is designed both for chemists and product manager.

For the advanced users a documentation will specify how to use a cluster with these kind of database to make high throughput screening for example... (see config/config_cluster.php)

  • Management of chemistry products (with structures, storage, references, experiment number...)
  • Draw, edit your structures with JChemPaint
  • View your molecule in 3D with Jmol, in 2D with JCP (java) or with OASA python library (SVG pictures)
  • Substructures search with MyChem and a lot of additionnal features from MyChem.
  • molecules importation : Mol files, ISIS/Bases (sdf), ChemDraw(cdx)
  • CSV/XLS(X) extraction, PDF/PNG exports...
  • Manage Users and Groups
  • Manage the place of storage
  • Manage commercial informations for chemical products.

Get the last files to be up to date (tarball, not the svn)...
(last changes : jchempaint editor debug to modify an existing product)

Download ChemAzTech files


pdf [french] pdf [english]

NB : English documentation is not totally complete.

Otherwise, there is a README and an INSTALL file in the tarball.

Current Release is 0.6b.

For more informations, see changelog[en]  or  changelog[fr].


Install file and readme can be found into the download. Be carefull to install the good version of OpenBabel (2.2) and MyChem (0.7).

Patchs & Improvements :

You could improve the time of requests in converting the binary content of your FP table in BLOB. PHPMyAdmin can do that easily.


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This project is developped by Rémy Dernat at the IBMM institute, CNRS and University of Montpellier, Montpellier, France.

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